The REGIO1st Planning Framework aims to help regional energy planners across Europe develop sustainable energy and climate strategies and incorporate the Energy Efficiency 1st principle. It's divided into eight stages, each of which has different steps and tools to support regional energy planning.
The REGIO1st Planning framework is developed in a user friendly way, so the interaction of the user with the framework should be self-explanatory and self-evident. Despite this, a, comprehensive guidance has also been developed and is accessible here.
No, there are no charges associated with the REGIO1st framework or its accompanying tools; they are accessible free of charge.
No subscription is required to access the framework or download its tools.
The tools are available in PDF or Excel formats, to ensure ease of use. All tools can be downloaded and used offline.
The framework is designed to be used by technical staff of regional authorities and regional energy agencies, energy and climate planners, as well as other stakeholders interested in formulating sustainable and cost-effective energy strategies, aligned with the EE1st principle.
Indeed, the framework has the requisite flexibility to be effectively used by different types of EU regions, irrespectively of their urban or rural characteristics.
While initially designed to meet the REGIO1st participating regions needs, , the framework can be used by different regions from diverse geographical contexts. Consequently, it can be used by regions across and beyond Europe, that have varied energy landscapes and requirements .
While comprehensive case studies covering all stages of the framework are not presently available, illustrative examples are incorporated within the tools. Additionally, supporting material are provided for each stage, including specific case studies for certain steps.
Certainly, reporting issues faced when using the tools and providing feedback and suggestions is strongly encouraged. You may do so by visiting the designated contact page within the framework or by utiliszing the contact details provided within each tool. We highly value user input and continuously strive to enhance our tools based on feedback received.
Yes, updates for both the framework and the tools are anticipated in the future. Our team remains dedicated to improving their functionality and addressing any issues encountered. Updates will be deployed accordingly to ensure an improved and more seamless user experience.